Criminal Defense

Criminal DefenseOur Firm represents clients charged with violating criminal offenses in traffic, state, and superior courts throughout the metro Atlanta area. We are available to assist clients with misdemeanor and felony cases at any point from the initial arrest phase through to the trial phase of the case.

It’s important to have an experienced and courageous attorney on your side when facing criminal charges. Our Firm is experienced with handling cases from serious felonies to minor traffic offenses. Our clients appreciate the fact that no matter how big or small the case may appear, we prepare and fight for each and every client with the same fervor and tenacity. We thoroughly explore all options before advising our clients on whether or not they should plead or try their case.

During the criminal law consultation, clients discuss their charges with an experienced attorney, discuss potential plans of action in their case, and get a realistic assessment of their options.

  • Traffic Offenses
  • Misdemeanor Offenses Including but not limited to: Shoplifting, DUI, Simple Battery, Marijuana Possession
  • Felony Offenses Including but not limited to: Aggravated Assault, Criminal Damage to Property, Murder, Weapons Charges
  • Probation Violation Revocation Hearings
  • Family Violence Hearings

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