6 Tips to Remember if You’re Hurt in a Car Accident

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accident car and warning triangle on roadsideGetting into a car accident can be a terrifying experience and is an all too common threat. In 2012, over 9.7 million vehicles were involved in police-reported traffic crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Unfortunately in addition to there being damage to vehicles and property, many times there is also damage to our bodies. For those who have had it happen to them, they can confirm that the only thing worse than being injured in an accident is not receiving the help, support, or compensation needed afterwards.


If you find yourself in a car accident try to remember the tips below. They can give you and your family the best chance for a more desirable outcome when you file a claim that includes pain and suffering.

1. Call the police immediately to document the accident. Even in “minor collisions” major damage can be done to your physical body. If the collision is not documented and fault is not assessed, it is harder to go back to determine who is the actual cause of the injury.

2. Get immediate medical treatment if necessary. After speaking with the police and having your initial injuries assessed, you may be instructed to go to a hospital or physical therapist. If you wait to get medical treatment until your condition is very bad, it can reflect poorly.

3. Get legal help. Do not speak with anyone about your case except your attorney. This includes the other party’s insurance company. Politely direct all calls to your legal representation in order to avoid making statements that can later be used against you when heard out of context.

4. If you are physically able, take pictures and video of the accident and the damage to property before anything is moved.

5. Visit a doctor or physical therapist for a follow up visit so that they can provide a prognosis. Only describe your injuries and pain. Refrain from providing any extra information about the conditions of the accident.

6. Keep track of all hospital, medical and drug bills. Send copies of these bills to your attorney.

Important Note: No attorney can guarantee that you will receive compensation for your medical bills or any other bill incurred in association with a personal injury. If you do not receive compensation in settlement or court you are responsible for the payment of all bills and expenses. As a result, it’s very important that you keep this in mind when making monetary related decisions. We always suggest that you make your decision based on your Doctor’s advice and your personal judgment.


During a life-impacting event, such as a car accident, it can be hard to remember or gather the energy to implement the above tips but it is important. Protect yourself and your family by being diligent during the process.


Disclaimer: The content relayed in this blog article is purely informational and should not be construed as legal advice. No attorney/client relationship is created until a retainer agreement is executed by both client and attorney.